How To Get More Of What You Really Want

Catherine Hind

Margie Schamuhn


Do you have desire for something that you really want to see happen in your life yet find that something is holding you back from making it your reality?  Is desire not enough?  Are you frustrated and finding it difficult to understand why you don’t take action?

You are not alone!  The reality is that as great as a desire might be, there are things that get in our way in taking action of claiming what we want.

Join Catherine Hind & Margie Schamuhn for a one hour free webinar, How To Get More Of What You Really Want!  You will participate in an interactive exploration and discovery of the obstacles are that get in your way and rob you of what you really want.  We will focus on developing new beliefs and choices that help get you moving.  This is a powerful first step in making your dreams/desires a reality.

Catherine & Margie are veteran certified Leadership & Life Coaches and experienced facilitators of personal development programs.  They are the program designers and leaders of the Know No Bounds Program. They bring their passion for helping people live their life to its fullest.  

Being consious of what holds you back, provides the opening for moving forward in the pursuit of what you really want!                                                                                                       

Ready to get more out of your life?

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