How much does it cost?

The entire program (Stage one - Discovery Workshop +Stage Two - Traction) costs $1200 plus tax.

Enrolled separately:

Discovery Workshop - $750

Traction - $650

What is different about this personal growth program?

The Know No Bounds personal growth program consists of two integral components – Discovery, a three day workshop complemented by Traction, three months of one on one follow-up coaching.

In the Discovery Workshop participants are guided on a journey consisting of carefully choreographed activities. These are delivered in a highly supportive, caring, respectful atmosphere designed to open participants to introspective discovery of their self established barriers to greater growth, fulfillment and happiness. Benefiting from the synergy of group sharing dynamics, participants experience an environment of openness, vulnerability, and honesty. Frequently breaking into small groups lead by their Certified Coach, participants are provided further opportunity to deepen the learning.

During the Discovery Workshop, participants come away with much greater clarity and understanding of how they want to be moving forward to live a richer, more fulfilling life. The personal growth initiated during the workshop is followed by Traction, three months of supportive coaching.  Working with your Traction Coach during biweekly one on one sessions conducted over the phone the new habits, behaviors and beliefs that you have identified as important to you will be further enhanced and will be put into practice in your life.  

Is there a religious connection?

No, the program has no religious connection and is open for participants from all affiliations.

What will I get out of participating?

What you get out of a personal growth program like this is very dependent upon what you are willing to put into it. Know No Bounds is designed for participants to be able to gain clarity on what is holding them back from getting more of what they really want in their lives. It will meet you where you are with the value coming to you in the areas you can most benefit. Depending upon the individual the outcomes can include some or all of the following:

  • Be able to identify and counteract the negative self talk that sabotages your ability to be all of who you are meant to be.
  • Live all of who you are rather than who you think you should be.
  • Be able use forgiveness to free you from the grip of resentment, contempt, anger,shame etc
  • Discover how to remove the self imposed barriers that keep your world smaller than it should be.
  • Improve your power of connection positively impacting your relationships
  • Be able to establish your life purpose statement that becomes your True North in everything you do in your life allowing you to live in powerful alignment.
  • Recognition on how we show up impacts those around us in both positive and negative ways.
  • Feeling truly alive
  • Get unstuck from what ever is keeping you in the land of mediocrity
  • Be more comfortable and confident in your own skin.

What will I do with my Traction Coach?

Your Traction Coach will work closely with you, to challenge, encourage, explore, assess, and clarify, what and where you want to go in your life in order to live the life you want. He/she will help you put the learning from the workshop into practice in your life so that your growth is sustainable. The coaching will be conducted over the phone during six sessions of approximately an hour every two weeks over three months.

What is the money back guarantee?

We believe that our programs provide the participant with the opportunity to derive significant value if he/she is committed to showing up and participating at 100%. At conclusion of the Workshop, and provided the participant has been in attendence for the entire workshop, if the participant does not believe that he/she has got value than we will refund all money paid to that point less applicable credit card fees.

Is there confidentiality?

Yes! Everyone participating in the workshop (i.e. participants & facilitating team) make a commitment to not disclose any of the personal information shared with them during the workshop or coaching sessions.

What is involved in the Discovery Workshop?

In the Discovery Workshop you will participate in three days of carefully choreographed activities. These occur in a highly supportive, caring, respectful environment whereby you will explore self defeating and self limiting beliefs and behaviors that prevent you from achieving the best in your relationships, career, life goals, and happiness. You will be equipped with new tools and skills to view your life though different lenses so that you can proactively step forward where possibilities are limitless. For some, the processes open access to healing and forgiveness, others are empowered and energized by the recognition of their true gifts. You will be supported by a team consisting of two skilled leaders who will guide you through the workshop activities and large group discussions, and a highly trained group of certified co-active coaches who will support you during the small group breakouts. The entire team is fiercely committed to seeing you getting more of what you want in your life!

How is this program any different from other personal growth programs?

What makes this program unique is the combination of the following:

  • The program is interactive whereby you will be actively involved in the learning as a participant as opposed to some programs where you are passively listening and absorbing the learning principals.
  • The Program Team are all experienced highly trained International Coaching Federation Certified Coaches, with the Program Leaders skilled in Co-active Leadership.
  • The learning acquired during the Discovery Workshop is further enhanced and integrated into your life during the three month Traction stage leading to the desired changes becoming sustainable in the lives of the participants.

What qualifications do the facilitators and coaches have?

The facilitators are experienced International Coach Federation Certified Coaches who are also trained in Co-Active Leadership. They have a combined 25 years of personal growth facilitation and coaching experience. The assisting and Traction coaches are experienced International Coach Federation Certified. Coaches.

What is the referral program about?

We believe in supporting individuals who can benefit from participating in this personal growth program who cannot afford to do this on their own or within their supporting community. We have chosen a local charitable organization from which we will have candidates participate in the program at no cost. For every new participant that you refer to the program, we will apply a credit of $120 to a fund that will accumulate to pay for these individuals.


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